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Traditional Yoni Steaming with Organic ethically sourced herbs and products

Traditional Yoni Steaming with Organic ethically sourced herbs and products

Traditional Yoni Steaming with Organic ethically sourced herbs and productsTraditional Yoni Steaming with Organic ethically sourced herbs and products

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Ectopic Pregnancy less than 48 hours of yoni steaming

After having an irregular period for majority of the year & recently dealing with an ectopic pregnancy in July I haven’t seen my period since June. I’ve tried multiple different things from seeing a natural path, getting acupuncture & going to a fertility clinic just to be told “everything seems fine, just give it time”. It’s now November & I had seen nothing so I was beginning to give up on trying methods, until a girlfriend of mine told me she found a Yoni Spa, figured why not especially since I was going with a girlfriend. I met Bless who educated me about the Yoni Spa & what the benefits are, she set me up with a steam that would focus on what I call “finding & regulating” my cycling since I had no idea where it went cause I haven’t seen it in so long that I had lost it lol. My appointment was the Wednesday & I'm happy to say that my period showed up Friday & came full force like it never left, that’s right ladies it took less than 48hrs!!!! 

As I’ve been telling my other girlfriends, THE YONI STEAM WORKS!!!! & it has multiple benefits, more women should spread the word & jump on the bandwagon of getting a Yoni Steam, it worked for me & it’ll work for you!



Hi bless...I'm so happy right now I waited a bit before saying anything cause I was being very cautious but I'm 3 months pregnant 😁 I have referred you to some of my friends but I think it's because of the distance they haven't booked now that your in Scarborough you will be hearing from them.....just want to say thank you my experience at your spa was so comforting and I'm loving the results!!!


Hi Blessed! Not sure if you remember me but I came last month on the 22nd for a treatment and met you and your beautiful little boy. I just wanted to share my results with you and thank you! Immediately after the steam I felt so calm and relaxed and lighter and still do. Its hard to explain but it's like a weight was lifted from me. My sensitive stomach rarely bothers me now and has regulated itself and not sure if this is related but when I went pee for the first time following the steam the Stream was stronger lol sorry if too much info 

My period is slightly irregular but usually comes every 32-33 days and my last period was on Nov 14th well late last night I started to feel slight cramps and when I went to wipe I noticed my period had come although it is much earlier but it is not even close to being as uncomfortable as it usually is and my menstrual blood is bright red not like the dark colour that it usually is 

So unusual to me but I know it is a good sign and i will be making another appointment to see you after this period is done! Thank you again ! ❤

I am usually every 32-33 days according to the app I am using maybe 31 but I'll have to see when I am done bleeding. I usually do for 7 days but I'm curious to see how long it will be !

So I was expecting it on the 14th or a little after but I haven't had bad cramps like I usually do and my breasts didn't hurt like they usually do either so it was unexpected

>>>I just checked your intake form and your laster period started on Nov 14, and this one started on Dec 4, so that's 21 days!  That is a regular period cycle. Congratulations!  Looking forward to seeing more after your next visit.  Its never TMI for me.  Thanks for sharing!

Omg that is great. Yes!! Same. I cannot thank you enough. As soon as I am done this period I will book another session 😊😊


Good morning, I made an appointment on Fresha and I... Can't wait to see what this is all about! I'm coming all the way from Syracuse, New York!


I just wanted to leave positive feedback on my first yoni treatment. Nothing about it from start to finish felt clinical, cold or uncomfortable. I usually dread gynecological appointments because it doesn't feel personal yet the doctor is all in my personal business!! But my treatment was amazing. I really loved how welcoming and hospitable you were and how everything was organised. I felt like I was with a girlfriend having a self care day. Your house was beautiful. My period started exactly how you said it would. No clumps, bad colours. I felt normal for once and I really loved how clean I felt after the treatment. I will definitely make an appointment again next time I'm in Canada. Thank you so much for all the information, advice and best of all showing me a better way to take care of my feminine health.

Women Need to Know About This!

Yoni Spa Client: Wanted to update u.....I dont remember having my Vagina with no discharge! It's actually been yearsssss. I cant believe my yeast infection did not return it actually went away immediately after the steam. That night I had massive cramping and then next day my period started. It actually didnt even have an odour I was shocked! Thank you so much for this. I cant believe that I finally feel normal. I will make another appt this month for maintaining.

Thank you again soooo much

Yoni Spa: Do you mind if I share your testimony?

Yoni Spa Client: Yup absolutely you can. Women need to know about this :)

Never Had a Period Like This

After doing the yoni steam four times my period is just 4 days long.  I don't get cramps or headaches.  The flow was a bit heavier than before but it felt good.  I wasnt fatigue or feeling ill.  What stood out the most was that it was so red.  I don't remember seeing a red flow since I first got my period as a teenager.  I feel so much healthier and the only thing I've changed is that I started doing a yoni steam every month.  It is well worth it.  ur body will thank you!

Sunday Steam Days

Ever since I heard about v-steaming I knew I wanted to try it out.  When I first discovered steaming over a year ago I couldn't find a place to go and indulge in the privacy of a spa here in Toronto like you can in the USA.  Then a friend told me about the yoni spa and I was thrilled to finally get a chance to try it out.  I am so glad I did.  It was delightful, so relaxing and everything they rave about online.  This place was great.  So relaxing.  I really enjoyed the  private session but the steam is so relaxing I didn't want to leave immediately afterwards.  Fortunately she had some time between clients and I wasn't pressured to vacate the premises.  But I decided I definitely wanted to make this a regular routine.  Because I live about an hour away from the spa I wanted to figure out how I could do this at home to save on time travelling to the spa.  I cant afford the home visits that she offered.  At that time the spa did not have the herbs available for purchase and I didn't know where to begin in making my own blend.  I tried to research but nothing seemed to be consistent.    A month went by and I wanted to steam again.  I ordered some herbs from a website I found online and boiled them up and tried steaming in a pail in the bathroom.  What happened next is too embarrassing to  even share here.  Lets just say I promised my husband I will never try that again.  The cleanup from that ordeal was so disturbing.  So I just bit the bullet and scheduled another appointment at the yoni spa.  This time I asked Bless if I could purchase herbs to use at home because I love her spa but it's a bit out of my way especially when I have to arrange childcare on weekends as well.  Thankfully she was very understanding and agreed to prepare a blend of herbs for me to take home.  I told her about the catastrophe in my bathroom and she said she could make me a stool to use at home as well.  THANKS GOD!   Within a week I was able to pick up my stool and herbs.  As soon as I got it home I prepared my first vaginal steam at home.  This time there was no drama, no mess.  Now I can steam on a regular basis in the privacy of my own home.  I get up early on Sunday mornings before the kids are awake and I cut out 20 minutes just for me.  Making time to steam has forced me to make time for myself.  I feel so much better.  I have a clear mind and better focus.  I like to start my Sundays this way as it prepares me for the week ahead.  I really appreciate having my own stool at home, because now Sundays are my steam days.  Thank you for accommodating out of town clients.

Linda B  

I Passed a Fibroid After My Fourth Session

I struggled with fibroids for many years.   I even had major surgery to remove a large fibroid that was causing heavy bleeding.  I decided to try steaming because I heard it could help with fibroids and irregular periods.  I didn't notice a big difference after my first session but it was very relaxing and therapeutic.  I do recommend every woman tries it at least once even if you don't have any known issues.  You will appreciate it.  So anyways  I continued steaming because I enjoyed it and I wanted to see what it could do for me.  Two days after my fourth session I noticed some bits of tissue had passed when I went to the washroom.  I immediately started googling to see what this could be and it appears to be tissues that typically form into fibroids.  It looked a lot like what women are pulling out of them when they use those yoni wands and pearls.  I prefer this method as I don't like to put foreign objects up there but the steam is so nice and gentle.  Now that I passed a potential fibroid I am a believer and will definitely continue steaming just to stay ahead of any potential issues.  

Anonymous Yoni Spa Client

My Experience at the Yoni Spa was Lovely !

After hearing so much about steaming I was happy to try it in the comfort of a home spa setting that had all the feel of a regular spa. Although I had heard of the many reproductive challenges steaming is good for I was there for “Rejuvination.”   I was mostly interested in the detoxifying, hygienic, and emotional wellness aspects that this treatment is said to bring, and was very happy with the results.

The process itself was super relaxing with mild stimulation, meaning that you could feel the steam doing its magic, but no overwhelming heat as I initially feared.  After the treatment I instantly felt as if I had pressed the re-set button on my nether region. In the days after I felt clear headed, with lots of energy and focus, a general clarity that I truly believe came from the process of taking care of yourself from the inside out, as they say.

I was excited to be intimate with my partner as he was with me and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sexual energy that this treatment afforded me.

 As a Bonus I noticed I was always almost odourless down there even after heavy activity. Which was awesome!

I would absolutely recommend this treatment for all women, even those without pre-existing conditions.

Anonymous Yoni Spa Client 

Special Featured Testimonies


Completely Remedied Menopause Symptoms

I was experiencing some residual menopause symptoms - hot flashes, insomnia, and dryness (hair, skin, vaginal). I chose herbs that cool and moisturize, and after that first week experienced noticeable improvement, and eventual elimination of those symptoms altogether. Steaming is the only therapy I've used that completely remedied these symptoms, naturally.


I started steaming three weeks postpartum. It immediately took out all the rest of the birth residue. Further on it helped me with stretched skin. Since then I've been steaming regularly. It's part of my self-care routine, my short time-out from everything.


 I had Stage 4 Endometriosis and was scheduled to have a hysterectomy...after ONE MONTH of steaming my period started Tuesday. I didn’t need my heating pad once! And I’ve never bled this little before!! Say WHAT?! I’m actually stunned. Usually I can’t leave the heating pad and this is the first month in years I didn’t need to use it....... craaaaazy stuff! I don’t even know what to say I’m so shocked! I haven’t had a period this manageable since I was 13!"

Fibroids and Heavy Periods

I was diagnosed with fibroids and started experiencing heavy bleeding. It was so bad that I had to stay at home on the first two days of my period out of fear of what I call a “gush” accident. After steaming a couple of times, I began to notice changes in my cycles. There was less blood, blood clots and the number of days lessened. 

Irregular Cycle

The colour of my blood has been a healthy fresh red color for multiple months. The pain and swelling goes away within 7 days. I no longer have cramps to the point of not being able to walk.  I no longer pass out from pain and the hemorrhaging has not come back. I am still working on shortening my bleeding days down to 4--, for now, I’ll take 7 over 75, 52, and 10 days any day. Progression is progression. I am able to say that without dangerous side effects and risking my life with synthetic meds day after day.

Infertility Over Age 40

At the ripe age of 43, I needed to give myself the best chance possible so I put together a three month plan where I would steam for two days after my period ended and for one day the day before my period was due. This plan was especially important to me because, after having a miscarriage, I wanted to make sure my womb was a healthy environment for the new life I was calling in. The brown spotting and trailing disappeared, along with the cramping, and on the 3rd month I hit a 28 day cycle. It was also the month that my intuition said "try again", and the little life we wanted so much was successfully implanted!

Revive Libido

...the results were amazing and my vagina came alive! I don’t know what it was doing up until that point. I felt sensations that were completely new to me. My vagina was more naturally lubricated than it had been in the past, my sex drive went through the roof. It also tightened and toned things up quite a bit. It was simply an incredible experience.

Doula's Relaxation 

I was amazed at how steaming has made a difference in my life. How relaxing it has been and has added to my self-care regiment. 


The Special Featured Testimonies section is a collection of testimonies from women who have posted their stories some where on the web to empower other other women with their story.  We have taken the time to share these valuable stories with our viewers here.